Finding your Niche and setting yourself goals

With so much training available I will be able to help you find your niche market. For example if you love cruising, weddings and honeymoons, golf holidays. Specialist training is available to help you become an expert! I will also be on hand to coach you through setting goals and putting a plan in place to reach your goals.

Sharing the Business with others

If you would like to unlock multiple streams of income and take your business to the next level you have the opportunity to sell the travel business to others. You will then be rewarded by the company every time you bring someone new into the business. You can then grow your organisation to unlock upto 7 payments in a month and this income is uncapped. You can then help others thrive and succeed in the business as much as you are. Nothing feels better than helping other people achieve the life they had only ever dreamt of. You will be coached and supported every step of the way.


For those of you who would like attend in person events, there is a huge calendar of events taking place all throughout the year in the UK and US. So why not come along and be trained by top leaders and companies in this field. You will meet the team and grow a solid foundation of friends along the way. These events do incur a reasonable charge to attend. But so worth it!! You don’t have to attend these in person events if you don’t want to, but again so worth it!