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Sharon Barrow

Travel Business owner & Network Marketer

Just an ordinary mum creating an extraordinary life! My mission is to help others do the same.

How to become a Home Based Travel Agent

Start your business in 5-10 minutes and have instant access to your own turn key business to start earning and saving! If you booked a trip online before, you already know 95% of the Job already. You will be given 100% training, coaching, mentoring, support, and on demand learning. This opportunity is for anyone aged 18 or over and reside in the US, Parts of the Caribbean, UK and ROI Anyone can do this business no matter your background, qualifications, age, disability. You will all be given the same tools and resources and I will coach you how to use these to work smarter not harder. You can do this flexibly around other commitments in small pockets of time, I can show you how. I only ask that you are willing and committed to grow your business.

How much does this business cost, and are there any hidden fees?

I will be completely honest and transparent Yes there is an initial cost of £156 to get access to your own turn key business. You will have immediate access to an award winning training platform that is on demand, meaning you can learn as and when you want. You will have your own free personalised website, where your customers can go to self serve- yes thats right you can earn commission on bookings without doing anything. You will be given your own Customer software management You will have access to over 80 top class preferred partners who are suppliers of travel, and on demand training from each of these. As well as 2 live webinars weekly from our partners. This list is growing rapidly and you won't have to negotiate any contracts with them as it will all be done for you. You will be given access to our preferred partners marketing material enabling you to use it on your own adverts You will be coached and mentored on how to run a successful Travel Business If you want you can also be shown how to grow your organisation by sharing the Business opportunity with others if you wanted too unlocking multiple streams of income You will have all the legal licences to sell Travel such as ABTA, ATOL, CLIA etc You will be shown how you can make savings on your own travel, and even earning commission from your own bookings too. You will be part of amazing community of like minded people who are all there to help and support one another. You will be given training on mindset and setting goals, and will be shown how you can achieve those goals. Then the month after you join there is a monthly cost of £46 to keep your access to all of the above. Other online home based Travel Business Opportunities cost thousands! That is why this is the largest home based Travel Business designed for the average person to create the most extraordinary life!

What's in it for you?

As a Travel Agent you will earn 70- 80% of that commission on every trip you book from our Travel Suppliers. You can also use your credentials to be able to request commissionable rates from anywhere. There are no Targets on the amount of bookings you make. You could simply do this to book your own travel or you can go big! It’s completely upto you. There is no contract with us, so if you decide this opportunity isn't for you. You can simply cancel your membership with us. No questions asked. As a travelpreneur, you will earn commission on the travel you book for yourself and others. You can choose special agent booking rates and go on deeply discounted incentive trips, or familiarisation (FAM) trips to learn about a particular destination, hotel chain, cruise line. You will get to work from home or wherever you want whenever you want. There is no boss, targets or contracts. You will have the potential to generate an uncapped earning potential, but I need to make this clear that it’s not a get rich quick scheme. You will need to put in the work and I will show you how! You will grow both personally and professionally. You will become part of the most supportive community ever. You will have fun whilst learning and earning in the travel industry.

Finding your Niche and setting yourself goals

With so much training available I will be able to help you find your niche market. For example if you love cruising, weddings and honeymoons, golf holidays. Specialist training is available to help you become an expert! I will also be on hand to coach you through setting goals and putting a plan in place to reach your goals.

Sharing the Business with others

If you would like to unlock multiple streams of income and take your business to the next level you have the opportunity to sell the travel business to others. You will then be rewarded by the company every time you bring someone new into the business. You can then grow your organisation to unlock upto 7 payments in a month and this income is uncapped. You can then help others thrive and succeed in the business as much as you are. Nothing feels better than helping other people achieve the life they had only ever dreamt of. You will be coached and supported every step of the way.


For those of you who would like attend in person events, there is a huge calendar of events taking place all throughout the year in the UK and US. So why not come along and be trained by top leaders and companies in this field. You will meet the team and grow a solid foundation of friends along the way. These events do incur a reasonable charge to attend. But so worth it!! You don’t have to attend these in person events if you don’t want to, but again so worth it!

Independent travel agent only

  • Earn commission on travel sales
  • Guaranteed best prices and VIP travel benefits
  • Your very own ITA personalised website
  • £32.00 / monthly fee
  • Unlimited support and training

So do you like what you see? Are you ready to use The Boarding pass to jump on board ? schedule in a 10 minute call with me so we can get you enrolled. If you would still like a bit more information scroll down 👇 some more to watch our official business presentation video.Read More

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Do you have any further questions and would like to talk to me in person? I am more than happy to help you with any questions or reservations you may have, I'm 100% certain I would have asked the same questions as you! Keep scrolling down 👇to watch the official Business presentation

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